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  • Friends for Life 2009 - Lou & Brock

  • Lou Holmes and BROCK.
    Brock is one of 15 specially trained Lowland Search Dogs that specialise in tracking people through specific smells rather than searching only for air scent.

    Most of the work Brock does relates to sufferers of
    Alzheimers and other such terrible diseases. One particular search was for a lady affected with this whose carer had left her house door unlocked and she wandered out. Brock was able to track her from her house through the streets some hours after she had gone missing. Luckily she was found and brought home safely. Without Brock, the police would have been searching for hours possibly days until someone found her.

    He is owned by Lou and she has had him since he was an eight week old puppy.

    Brock is not only Lou's friend but also a friend to all those who may be in need of him when their loved ones go missing.

    Service Provider is Telecom Express. For customer services, call 020 7053 7013. Opening hours are 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

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  • Credit: OfficialCrufts
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