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CaniRunners promotes Canine Sports and Leisure Activities throughout the United Kingdom.  We encourage individuals to actively Set Up and Run a Local Group.

Don't be put off starting a group in your area. Even if running a group is not your ambition we have found that other people will take a more active roll when they join your group. It only takes one person to generate interest. So get yourself on the map and and help promote this fantastic activity.

All groups are governed by the individual that creates the Group.  Each group has the option of linking their Face book Group Page to their CaniRunners group allowing easy access to individual group information for browsers. Groups can also add their Web page if required. 

All created groups are shown on the Map after they have been Registered and Approved by CaniRunners.  The map will show all registered groups across the UK.  This gives everyone the option to select the Group closest or most relevant to them.

Canicross - Running with your Dog

Running with Dogs, is a young Sport in the United Kingdom but is better known across Europe.  It is fast attracting enthusiast's the length and breadth of the UK.  Any breed of dog can participate in Canicross.

For competition, in our experience, the best type of Canicross dogs are those with a natural drive to stay out ahead of the pack.  They should be able to take directional commands and come back to heel when required.  With training and experience the best dogs are able to find and follow the trail making the runners’ job easier.

Fitness is obviously very important to maintain a steady pace throughout the race.  Both dog and handler should be at a fitness level to suit both.  It is very important to build fitness and stamina gradually to avoid the risk of injury  So a fitness regime should be started months before your first race, with a view to getting round the course in one piece.   It should be challenging but fun!  As you become established in the sport your race time will be what drives you and your dog.  Partnership is what it’s all about and having fun.  Setting personal goals with your dog is very rewarding.

To participate in Canicross you will need a harness for the dog, an elastic bungee line to attach the dog to the runner, and a running belt for around your waist/hips.  There are many different types’ of belts and harnesses on the market.  It is well worth while doing some research on the equipment before purchasing due to the expense of the initial outlay. (See Cani Web)

Bikejor - Dog Powered Mountain Bikeing

Bikejor is usually held alongside Canicross events and  is also attracting enthusiasts in the Sport across the UK.  You should be able to control your mountain bike at all paces and over varied terrain before you take up the spot of Bikejor.

Bikejor is an extreme sport so safety is essential. The cyclist must wear a Bike Helmet at all times which must be suitable for extreme Mountain Biking and meet the relevant Safety Standards. To prevent the bungee line, which is attached to the dog, getting caught up in the front wheel of the bike it is advisable to get the bar that holds the line out in front. These are available on line.  See Canirun intro-video for Bikejor footage.

Directional control of the dog is essential in Bikejor, along with the dog working ahead.  As you can imagine, it could all end in disaster if your dog comes back to you for reassurance or is confused with Left and Right commands.  Serious injury to both dog and cyclist could easily occur if a partnership is not already established.

Types of dogs most suited to Bikejor would be larger dogs with a large stride that are able to cope with the increased pace of the bike.  They must be in peak fitness to cope with the rigors of Bikejor. 


Scootering - Scooter pulled by a Dog

This is carried out solely using the power of the dog.  The Musher (handler) is responsible for controlling the speed and giving directional commands.

Scootering requires nerves of steel.  Coordination and balance are essential if you are to stay on board.  Very like skate-boarding with the added power and speed of a dog.  Safety equipment is a must!

Dog Carting - Dry Land Mushing

Dog Carting resembles a scene from Alaska with strings of dogs pulling sledges, but insted of ice and snow it is run over forest trails.  Instead of a Sledge, a Rig on wheels is used.  Rig's are normally pulled by two or more dogs.  This is a specialised sport and advice should be sought from experts.  See CaniRunners Web links.