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Canicross in Scotland

On Sunday 29th January everyone came together for a Fun Day at Aberfoyle, 30Min's from Loch Lommond. It is a central location taking each group just over 1hr to get there. It is a stunning venue set amidst forest trails and suits every ability. On the day there were Canicrossers, Bikejor, Rigs, and Walkers.

As usual we were running slightly late. The car was packed on the morning of the meet, at great speed. Four dogs were crammed into the back, three bikes on the roof rack, and canicross belts and harnesses hastily thrown in. Not organised enough for food, threw a bag of apples and bananas in. Water for the dogs, poo bags, and we were off. It was freezing but dry so far.

Ten miles outside Aberfoyle and there was snow on the ground, hadn't brought my trail shoes! On we went and the snow started to disappear, much to my relief. Arrived into a bustling car park in the middle of the forest. People were waiting on us so hastily got the bikes off the roof and unloaded the dogs into their harnesses. I was Canicrossing and the others were Bikejorring. Group briefing then it was a quick goodbye and off we set.

The trails were fantastic, with shorter routes to suit beginners, and more challenging routes to suit the more advanced runner. Plenty of hills and long flat stretches along well marked paths on good fire roads. Each trail was a circular route back to the car park which allowed everyone to keep track of their friends. Some combined the routes to make for a longer run.

At the end of our day out we all came together for a chat, a picnic and barbecue. Lots of food on offer, so we didn't go without.

Another very successful Fun Day out organised by Cani-Sports Scotland.

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