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  • Friends For Life 2012 - Phil & Obi

  • Phil and Obi -- Police Dog

    Obi and his handler PC Phil Wells were on the front line during the riots on 6th August in Tottenham, when a large crowd began throwing bottles and bricks at the police. Obi was struck by a brick, but bravely carried on working despite bleeding from his nose. After an assessment, Obi was found to have a fractured skull above the left eye socket.

    Phil says: 'He is my best friend. To see him get injured and to see him on a theatre table - and you're not sure what has happened and you're not sure if it's touch and go - is very emotional. I have had him since he was a puppy, and I spend more time with him than my children and family. When I am at work, he is at work and when I am at home, he is at home." Obi has now made a full recovery from his injuries and continues to loyally work for the Metropolitan Police, helping to protect the public.

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  • Credit: officialcrufts
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