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  • PC Neil Samson & Anya at Crufts 2009

  • PC Neil Samson & Anya receive the Police Dog Team Operational & Humanitarian Action of the Year Award at Crufts 2009

    PC Sampson was on duty with Anya in 2008 when he was called to a local disturbance.
    Anya had only been working 6 months before this particular incident but she immediately reacted when the PC Sampson was approached by the man welding a knife.

    What followed next is still a slight haze to PC Sampson but it soon become clear that he had been stabbed and badly injured, despite his best efforts he could not get up from the ground. In total he received seven stab wounds including four to the head.

    Unknown to PC Sampson, Anya had also suffered a single stab wound to her chest. Throughout this, Anya continued to do her job in protecting her handler, colleagues and members of the public. What is even more remarkable given her inexperience as a Police Dog is that she kept focused on the suspect and stayed determined to defend her handler despite suffering an injury

    Anya earned a lot of respect from officers present at the incident that day; for her loyalty and courage in a violent and brief incident.

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