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  • Cirencester canicross - bikejor part 1

  • This is at Cirencester cani-cross on 20th March. It's in four parts as its 18 minutes long

    Ellie is a Dogs Trust dog. She was thrown out of a moving car in Ireland and ran round the streets for three days before a warden could catch her. She was emaciated and bald with mange.

    I found her online at Dog's Trust Roden, about 3 years ago, and fell in love with her before we even met. We did a total journey of 400 miles to visit her and then return to collect her. She had some issues. She had been returned from one home as she growled at the husband as she didn't like men. No problem, I told my other half what to do, and what not to do, and she now loves everyone.

    She is a daddy's girl. Indeed, if she was a human, I would be history as she lies on my fiances lap looking up into his eyes and he is devoted to her!

    We are honoured to have her in our lives and are thrilled at how much she enjoyes cani-cross, both the bikejor and the running

  • Original Dimensions: 480x360
  • Credit: jadatoady
  • Tags: bikejor, biking, canicross, canicross cirencester, cycling