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  • Crufts 2008 - Bloodhounds

  • 2008 is the first anniversary for the UK's pet blood bank. PBBuk is the nation's first charity to collect, process and supply canine blood. They have 420 donors across the country. The donation process takes about 10 minutes. Collections have been made across the whole of the UK from Stirling to Essex.

    Blood Hounds.
    Interviewees -- Wendy Barnett Executive Director.
    Freda Scott-Park - Trustee

    Local girl blood IV
    Kelly Bakewell (from Coventry) and her greyhound Batman who has signed up to be a donor
    Kelly is 20 and also a blood donor

  • Original Dimensions: 480x360
  • Credit: OfficialCrufts
  • Tags: blood, bloodhounds, crufts, dog, dogs, donors, nec, show, 2008