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  • Friends For Life 2012 - Karen & Ruby

  • Karen and Ruby -- Companion Dog

    Karen brought Ruby Roo for her daughter two and a half years ago, but from the moment she got her, Ruby became her dog. Karen says: "After suffering from depression for nearly 25 years, after a childhood of bullying and losing my father at an early age, Ruby has finally given me something to live for.

    "Ruby follows me wherever I go and I take her everywhere with me. She has given me the confidence to get out and start meeting people again. I first took Ruby to a local fun dog show with my daughter as I couldn't go to places alone. I have now met some lovely people and, because of Ruby, I am now studying to be a dog trainer.

    "I still find it really hard if I don't have Ruby with me, and she makes me such a strong person. I have good and bad days, but Ruby is always by my side. She never judges me or tells me to pull myself together, and she is always there for me. I can never repay Ruby for what she has done for me. Ruby is my world and my lifeline, and I truly believe that if it wasn't for her I'm not sure that I would be here today. I love my Ruby so much."

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